Invisalign For Better Comfort And Appearance

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a discipline in dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of poorly positioned tooth and jaw relationships. The field is perhaps best known for the use of braces and retainers as a treatment modality resulting in a bright and perfectly-aligned smile. There is also a newer orthodontic technology, called Invisalign Parramatta residents are coming to love. Read more at the bottom of the page, but when it comes to Invisalign Parramatta locals have come to trust the expert team at Parradental Studio.

At Parradental Studio, we have some of Sydney’s finest dentists on hand at our Parramatta DentalStudio to ensure that your teeth will get the best care possible. Dr Rodman Ip and Dr Andrew Ip combined have over 35 years of experience improving smiles and jaw relationships. Dr Andrew Ip has also had extensive training in providing Invisalign and clear aligner therapy.

Orthodontics is a field that is important to the dental health of both children and adults, and is about more than just the straight smile. A healthy, well-formed and straight set of teeth can prevent future dental complications. Your teeth are easier to clean and hence the chances of getting decay and developing gum disease can be reduced. We welcome any enquiries you might have about braces, plates, retainers, Invisalign and clear aligners and how we can improve the alignment of your teeth. Our friendly team is always available to provide further information upon your call. Please drop us a line at 9633 9835 for further information, or to organise an appointment with your dentist.

Our trusted process (conventional braces)

When you come to Parramatta and Cabramatta Dental Studios for orthodontic work, we will run a full set of diagnostics in order to better understand your situation, and tailor your treatment appropriately. After that thorough and complete assessment with one of our dentists, we will formulate a treatment plan that will specifically address your needs. At Parramatta Dental Studio we want to ensure that not only do you have the optimal tooth alignment but also a functional jaw relationship.

There can be many ways to undertake treatment and many treatment options. It is dependent on whether there is a tooth spacing issue, tooth and jaw relationship discrepancy or just a jaw relationship problem. As an example a course of orthodontic or braces treatment can involve the use of expansion appliances or plates (for the upper or lower jaw) to widen or expand the jaws before the movement of teeth can be finalised using braces. However, this expansion process is best suited to children under the age of 16, where growth is naturally occurring and the expander can capitalise on that. These expanders or plates will generally be worn for six to nine months. For adults, some surgical assistance might be required in order to successfully widen and align teeth. Your dentist will discuss these options with you during the planning stages. In more complex cases, a referral to a specialist orthodontist is warranted for jaw related surgeries and follow up course of orthodontic treatment.

Once the treatment plan has been finalised and you understand the risks and benefits of braces, the braces or plates can be cemented to gently and gradually move the teeth into a straighter position. This process takes a number of months and can involve three stages, as outlined below:


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  • Level and alignment

At this stage you’ll see the most dramatic results, as archwires manipulate the misaligned teeth are brought into alignment. You’ll need to visit the dentist every 4 to 6 weeks to keep an eye on the progress of this stage.

  • Bite correction and space closure

During this phase, stainless steel archwires (stiffer than in the previous step) are used, and intra-oral elastics and powerchains help achieve bite correction. This is a slower stage, and appointments will be scheduled roughly every month to make sure everything remains on track.

  • Detailing and finishing

In this last stage we place specific bends in the archwire of the braces to fine-tune the position of the teeth to ensure an aesthetic smile and functional bite. In this final stage we will also prepare the mouth for the removal of the braces.

The leading name in retainers

After the braces treatment, at Parramatta and Cabramatta Dental Studios we will provide you with a retainer, which needs to be worn at all times, aside from when eating and doing activities such as swimming. This upper retainer needs to be worn for 6-12 months. After that it will also be necessary to wear the retainer at night for another 6-12 months. After that period you will be able to use the retainer less, however we recommend continued regular use in the long term to prevent the teeth from moving back into an undesired position. Routinely for the lower jaw, we bond a fixed wire retainer behind your bottom front teeth to ensure that there is no relapse of the braces treatment and saves you from wearing an upper and a lower plate retainer at the same time.

At every step of the process, our team of experienced professionals will be on hand to provide clear advice and information. Personal care is a key priority for us at Parradental Studio, and you can call us on 9633 9835 or email us at at any time to receive a rapid response to your enquiry.

The experts in Invisalign Parramatta locals trust

Many people – particularly adults – are put off seeking orthodontic assistance because of the social stigma that can be attached to having metal braces in the mouth. As essential as they are for many people to achieve the perfect smile, they may also be deemed as unsightly over the 1-2 year process that it takes to properly align the teeth.

That’s where Invisalign comes in. With Invisalign Parramatta and Western Sydney locals have access to a technology that allows orthodontic work to be carried out without metal wires or brackets being inserted into the mouth. Instead, we use clear, removable aligners to do the straightening work. In the mouth these aligners are invisible, allowing you to get straightening work done without feeling uncomfortable when you talk or smile.

Using Invisalign, you will wear each precision aligner for around two weeks, as they put gentle pressure on the teeth to move them into position. Because they’re removable, you can take them off to eat and brush your teeth as normal, or even take a break from treatment for special occasions such as weddings.

For any complex cases we recommend all patients seek a second opinion before proceeding with treatment of any kind.

If you are interested in more information on Invisalign and whether it is right for you, we are the experts in Invisalign Parramatta locals trust. Our friendly team would be happy to provide you with more information and answer your questions. Please call us on 9633 9835 at any time to discuss further.