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Tooth bonding with composite resin

Another alternative that you might want to consider for restoring that stellar smile is a process called dental bonding. During this process your dentist will use a tooth-coloured resin material (composite) and apply it to the tooth before hardening it with a special light.

This method has a wide variety of potential uses. It can be used to repair decayed teeth (filling in cavities), and repair chipped or broken teeth. It can be used to restore discoloured teeth to make them appear whiter, close spaces between teeth, and change the shape of teeth to improve a person’s bite and tooth orientation. It can also be used by dentists to protect tooth roots that have been exposed as gums recede.

Tooth bonding enjoys a number of advantages over veneers or crowns. For example, by using tooth bonding, your dentist won’t need to reshape your teeth or remove enamel. The procedure is simple, only one appointment is required for the dentist to improve your smile and no local anaesthetics, no laboratory waiting times. Composite bonding can be removed at any time with minimal effect to your natural tooth structure and enamel. The downside to bonding is that composite filling material is not as strong as porcelain, so if you are not careful the bonding can chip and require repair. In the long term in some cases the bonding needs to be re-polished at your six monthly check up, so your smile stays nice and shiny. The beauty of composite resin filling material is that repairs and additions can be done quickly and pain free and in one appointment.

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