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Email Us Your Enquiry

Email Us Your Enquiry

Oct 2021 COVID UPDATE - We're a COVID safe business and maintain strict infection control guidelines! Our dentists and dental assistants are fully vaccinated and our practice is ready to see you for your routine dental care needs!


This depends on what kind of dental treatment you require. We offer a comprehensive range of dental services from routine dental check-ups, cleaning and fillings to dentures, dental implants, clear aligners, and braces. All these treatments differ in costs, appointments required and duration. One of our friendly dentists will examine your teeth and may take some x-rays to formulate a tailored treatment plan for you and provide you with the costs involved.

We use HICAPS when processing claims and accept all private health insurers who are participating in the HICAPS network. We are also part of the network of dentists for MBP, CBHS and BUPA members.

Due to the great number of private health insurance companies and differing levels of covers, we can only provide you with an on-the-spot quotation through the HICAPS machine OR give you the dental item numbers so you can enquire about your benefits from your insurer.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide excellent service and a high standard of infection control measures. We do not provide gap-free dental treatment however as we are part of the network of dentists for BUPA, CBHS and MBP some of our patients are covered 100% for certain dental items

We accept benefits from private health insurance through the HICAPS machine, EFTPOS, Credit cards and cash payments

There are many factors to consider when we discuss your dental requirements and formulate a treatment plan for you. One of these considerations is the longevity of the choices we make in consideration of the prognosis of a tooth or your teeth in general. The dentist will do their best to provide the best treatment options for you but diet and oral hygiene, your medical history and medications as well as having regular check-ups or follow ups do play a major role in influencing your dental health and how long your treatment will last.

Even though the dentist can examine your teeth with the best lighting and instruments, they can only see the structures that are visible such as the crowns of the teeth or the gums and soft tissues surrounding the teeth. Structures such as the nerves, the jawbone and the roots of our teeth can only be seen via imaging, this can be in the form of an x-ray. This information along with a good history and examination will help the dentist formulate their diagnosis and advise you on the best treatment options for you.

Children are always welcome to come and see the dentist and familiarise themselves with what a dental surgery looks and sounds like. We want your child’s first visit to be a positive and pleasant experience. Once they have teeth (between 6-12 months) it is good to have a consultation with the dentist, they can show you various techniques for brushing and cleaning of the gums and mouth as well as provide you with diet advice. In the years to follow we can try and examine your child’s teeth “counting them” to start them on their journey to excellent future oral health. The dentist can also pick up any developmental issues in their mouth and jaws and refer you to the appropriate medical professional e.g. tongue ties, speech abnormalities and difficulty eating or swallowing. At Parramatta Dental Studio we believe forming healthy dental habits when they’re young and visiting the dentist early is the best way to ensure good oral health in the future.

We keep ourselves clean by having a bath or shower, our teeth need the same care and cleaning to maintain a healthy and happy smile. Every time we eat, drink or take medication our teeth are exposed to acids. Plaque can cause dental decay and gum problems so you can end up with a toothache, sensitivity or loose teeth. By brushing twice daily for two minutes with a fluoridated toothpaste you can reduce the levels of plaque in your mouth which will keep your teeth and gums healthy and happy.

There are different interdental cleaning aids that we can use to clean in between our teeth, floss is an example of one. Floss is excellent when we have tight spaces between our teeth, if you find the traditional string floss difficult to use, try a mounted floss – they come on a handle and can be easier to manoeuvre. If the floss glides in too easily then you will need something broader to effectively clean the in between surfaces of your teeth. Some examples of these are Superfloss, interdental brushes, dental wood sticks and water flossers or jets. Contact us today and one of our friendly dental professionals can walk you through which option is best for you.
We are adhering strictly to all government and professional body recommendations regarding the safe provision of general dental treatment. We have additional measures in place such as patient screening, increased appointment times and frequency of general cleaning to keep you, our patients, our staff and families safe and well. Since the 8 th of May we are able to see our patients for both emergency dental treatment and routine general dental care requirements. We respectfully ask that all visitors to the practice wear face masks whilst in our waiting room, all patients will be asked to complete a questionnaire and update their medical history and prior to seeing the dentist you will be asked to rinse with a pre-procedure mouthrinse. For further information please contact us on 96339835.

For questions, do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff via email 

or by calling 9633 9835 or 9726 4313. Our dental implants are ready to serve Parramatta and Cabramatta’s smiles!

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