Orthodontics / Braces

We provide a range of treatment options for both adults and children for malocclusion and or crowding of teeth utilising:
Removable and fixed applicances / plates

Traditional brackets with a wide range of coloured elastic modules to decorate
Cosmetic ceramic (tooth-coloured) brackets with tooth coloured wires for those concerned about the appearance of orthodontic treatment
Traditional removable plates
We also have the option of an invisable fixed lingual retainer which is bonded behind the lower front teeth. This option allows for improved access for flossing and cleaning for the teeth.

Dentist ParramattaTraditional brackets with blue elastic module Parramatta DentistsTooth coloured brackets and wires for those concerned about aesthetics whilst undergoing treatment with braces
Parramatta DentistsLower fixed lingual retainer – note: still able to floss in between the teeth Dentists In ParramattaTraditional Hawley retainer – appliance used to maintain alignment of teeth after treatment with braces