Get a Happier And Healthier Smile With Braces

–  At Parramatta and Cabramatta Dental Studios we provide a range of treatment options for both adults and children to treat any tooth crowding or spacing issues as well as any jaw relationship discrepancies. Early detection of any teeth and jaw alignment issues is crucial in dental growth and development of the teeth and jaws. The friendly dentists at Parramatta and Cabramatta will examine your teeth at every 6 monthly check up and let you know if intervention is required.

The following are some treatment modalities used to correct any tooth or jaw issues

CONVENTIONAL BRACES: braces are available in metal and tooth coloured brackets and wires which act to gradually straighten your teeth, elastics module ties can be used to decorate the brackets and adds some fun to the braces experience

CLEAR ALIGNERS AND INVISALIGN: this is an excellent option for aligning your teeth using custom made trays worn during the day and night. They are a convenient option as they can be removed for eating and during exercises as well as for those who are concerned regarding aesthetics during orthodontic treatment and do not want brackets or wires to be visible

EXPANSION APPLIANCES AND TWIN BLOCK THERAPY: if your child’s adult teeth are coming through crookedly, it can mean that there is a crowding issue and the jaw size and shape is insufficient to fit all the teeth. The dentists can let you know whether early intervention with the use of expansion plates and appliances may help with improving not only the jaw size but also the jaw shape and relationship. Sometimes expansion of the upper jaw can also improve a child’s snoring habit also. A referral to an ENT specialist as well as sleep specialist may be warranted to review the child for sleep apnoea, tonsil and adenoid problems and any sinus concerns and rule out any medical cause for the snoring. In complex orthodontic needs we will refer to our trusted orthodontic colleagues to plan the case and review as necessary. A second opinion should always be sought for any long-term treatment.

REMOVABLE RETAINERS AND FIXED WIRE RETAINERS: retainers are crucial in prevention of any unwanted tooth movement, especially once your braces is complete. The dentist will advise which option is best for you and in a lot of cases we use a combination of an upper Hawley/Begg removable plate with a lower fixed wire retainer (Please see images) The removable plates should be worn full time for 6-12 months after your braces have been taken off and then night time wear for as long as possible thereafter. If you have any questions, please call one of our friendly team – Parramatta 9633 9835 or Cabramatta 9726 4313 who’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Dentist ParramattaTraditional brackets with blue elastic module Parramatta DentistsTooth coloured brackets and wires for those concerned about aesthetics whilst undergoing treatment with braces
Parramatta DentistsLower fixed lingual retainer – note: still able to floss in between the teeth Dentists In ParramattaTraditional Hawley retainer – appliance used to maintain alignment of teeth after treatment with braces