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Wisdom Tooth Extractions – When And Why?


Is there anything more intimidating in dental care than a wisdom tooth extraction? Visions of drills and days of pain afterwards are enough to make most people quake in their boots.

But compared to the affect that impacted wisdom teeth can have on the mouth, it is always preferable to get an assessment and manage any infected wisdom teeth while you are still young and healthy.

People often think that as long as their wisdom teeth aren’t causing pain, they don’t need to be removed. Unfortunately that’s not necessarily the truth. In the cases of many people, wisdom teeth are blocked from coming in, usually by bone or other teeth. At other times, the teeth are tilted (not shaped straight up or down) under the gum. These are all examples of “impacted” wisdom teeth. And you don’t even need to feel wisdom teeth pain for it to be important to remove them.

Why surgical extractions might be necessary

And impacted wisdom tooth can – and likely will – cause you trouble later on in life. The most common problems are that they can decay, get infected, or “crowd” and push other teeth around, if not damage or even cause decay in them. Those teeth that are closest to wisdom teeth are much more prone to developing gum and dental decay problems, which can then spread through the mouth.

In extreme cases, impacted wisdom teeth can cause the growth of cysts, which can be uncomfortable, and rarely lead to other forms of tumours.

It’s a lot to risk to avoid a few days discomfort as a result of the surgical removal of your wisdom teeth. Especially when, thanks to modern dental techniques, the fear of wisdom tooth extraction far outweighs the reality.

Parra Dental – Wisdom tooth extractions with minimal discomfort

At Parra Dental, our surgically trained dentists and dental assistants are well versed in making the removal of wisdom teeth a comfortable experience. We’re able to minimise post-operative pain and discomfort through good surgical technique. And, if you are feeling wisdom tooth pain, we accept emergency appointments and will get you out of pain as quickly as possible.

It’s best to have your wisdom teeth removed when young and healthy, as other medical conditions and medication can affect a removal operation as a person ages, and recovery times are longer. The process of removing a wisdom tooth starts with an X-Ray so that the dentist can assess the roots of the teeth. If it is determined that the tooth needs to be removed, the process normally only takes an hour, including the time spent for numbing and recovery.

If you have any enquiries about your wisdom teeth, the friendly team and Parra Dental are here to help. Simple contact us on 9633-9835, and we’ll make sure this important process is pleasantly surprising in that it won’t be frightening in the slightest.