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Denture Repairs, Missing Teeth

Dentures – A time tested treatment option for the replacement of missing teeth


At Parramatta Dental Studio the experienced dentists complete a thorough overall assessment of the your mouth and decide which option is best in the replacement of missing teeth. As discussed in our other blogs the options for the replacement of missing teeth can include bridges, implants and dentures. In this article we will be discussing dentures.

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Dentures are a very versatile way of replacing missing teeth to improve function, speech, appearance and maintain the oral health of an individual. There are many different kinds of dentures made from different materials. The reason for choosing different materials and designs depends on the orientation and amount of teeth remaining in the jaw and the support that these teeth and gums can provide. With over 30 years of experience in constructing comfortable and functional dentures for our patients, you can rest assured that we will provide you with only the very best.

Dentist In Parramatta

The different types of dentures are described below. Please be aware that the dentist will assess your mouth and advise on which option would best be suited for you.


FULL UPPER and LOWER dentures: These are acrylic/ resin/ plastic based dentures used in the replacement of teeth for people who are missing all of their natural teeth. With modern technology these dentures can be modified and used in conjunction with implants (known as over dentures) as a support to provide a very stable, aesthetic and functional treatment option.


PARTIAL dentures: These dentures are used in people who have some teeth remaining. There are a few options available and the denture chosen depends on the position and strength of the remaining teeth. There are three main materials used in the construction of a partial denture, these being acrylic, cobalt-chrome or flexible material. Generally partial dentures can be completely acrylic based, part cobalt-chrome and part acrylic, a combination of the three or made entirely of the flexible material sometimes known as Valplast. Partial dentures have clasps for retention, we offer both traditional clasps (metal) and also as a more aesthetic option we also design dentures with flexible clasps (pink – gum coloured).


Temporary dentures: This prothesis can be used as an interim tooth replacement option whilst undergoing more extensive procedures such as implants or in the case that a tooth is positioned at the front and extraction would result in a visible space. In these cases the tooth will be extracted and the denture issued at the same appointment.


Once the decision has been made to use a denture in the replacement of teeth the entire process is very quick and takes approximately ten working days. The initial appointment will include some minor tooth modifications and we will also take some moulds of your mouth. These will then be transferred to the laboratory where the construction of your denture begins. In the case where all teeth are missing one extra measurement appointment is required. In two weeks time the denture is ready. At the issue appointment, the dentist will ensure that it is comfortable and instruct you on how to remove and clean the denture. Those who have never worn dentures before may require some adjustment time before they are accustomed to wearing a prosthesis in the mouth. Patients who’ve made dentures in our practice are welcomed back for any adjustments required for three months after the date issued.


The dentists at Parramatta and Cabramatta Dental Studios are also experienced in denture repairs and relining of full or partial dentures so please feel free to call the surgery on 9633 9835 and arrange a time so we can improve your chewing capability and the comfort in your denture. The next blog discusses reasons why your existing denture may be uncomfortable and can help you understand why your denture just feels different to how it has felt previously felt.