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Denture Repairs, Trouble Shooting

Dentures – Let us do the trouble shooting for you!

As mentioned in the previous blog, full or partial dentures are an excellent way to replace missing teeth with minimal adjustment to existing teeth and short, easily tolerated appointment durations. Dentures have withstood the test of time as a treatment option.

As with any treatment option some issues may arise in relation to your dentures whether they are new or old. Common complaints pertaining to dentures include loose or ill fitting, unaesthetic due to the clasps, not good enough for daily functional requirements like speaking (phonetics) and chewing and feels foreign or unlike a natural tooth or teeth. These concerns are common but are issues that can easily be addressed with the correct diagnosis and treatment planning.

Loose or ill fitting dentures: Mobility in a denture can occur due to resorption or shrinkage of the soft tissue support structures in the mouth. In dentures that are many years old or in immediate dentures there can be a gap between the pink part of the denture and your gums causing the denture to feel rocky or unstable. An unsteady denture can lead to ulcers due to rubbing and become painful, they can also fall out during speech or chewing. These issues in most cases can be addressed by relining or rebasing. This is a process involving the dentist adding more pick acrylic material to your denture followed by some minor adjustments. The denture clasps can also be tightened to improve the retention of your denture.

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Foreign body: In an individual whose never worn a denture, any new denture may take several weeks to become accustomed to. If after this time the denture still does not feel comfortable then we must look at several different factors, including how the teeth have been designed to come together during chewing and speech. In more technical terms, the occlusion or intercuspation, the arch form and inclination as well as lateral movement during function, if incorrect can all cause a denture to feel unnatural. These can be assessed clinically and any discrepancies will be avoided in the construction of new dentures.

Dentists ParramattaParramatta Dentist

Unlike a natural tooth/teeth: In those who’ve never worn a denture it may take some time to become used to it. Although the best efforts have been made to ensure the denture fits perfectly to your teeth, adjustments will be required for any sore spots as well as to balance how the teeth come together. Although prosthetics and prosthodontics are more advanced a denture tooth may never feel completely as a natural tooth would feel. Please feel free to call us so we can assess how we can improve the comfort of your denture.

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Aesthetics: At Parramatta Dental Studio the dentists are extremely adept at making your new denture look as natural as your own teeth. There are many design options and modifications we can employ to enhance the aesthetics and comfort of your denture. Some examples of these include gum fitting design and incorporating the use of flexible gum coloured clasps combined with or instead of metal clasps especially when the clasps are required near the front of the mouth. People who have lost their front teeth for some time may have a decreased lower facial height, this can affect the overall appearance of someones face causing them to look older than they should. With the proper assessment and the construction of a new denture we can improve your appearance and confidence and make you smile even bigger than before.

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Phonetics and speech: How we speak and feel can have a great deal to do with the shape, length and orientation of our front teeth in relation to our lips and jaws. The width and length of the denture or tissue coverage all have a role in the comfort and function of any denture. With over 30 year experience in designing comfortable dentures you can rest assured you’re new dentures will be natural and functional.

Inadequate function: A denture is a great way to replace missing teeth and can be used adequately to chew and assist in speaking, this is hindered if the denture is ill fitting causing the denture to be purposeless. This is more commonly seen in older dentures but can also apply to new dentures. It may tip or rock as you are chewing or become completely dislodged. These types of issues can be due to an unbalanced bite or a flaw in the design. If this sounds like your denture please call 9633 9835 to arrange an appointment and one of our dentists will address your concern.

At Parramatta Dental Studio we will ensure when doing any denture repairs that it is comfortable, functional and aesthetic. We pride ourselves on being able to give you only the best we can in design and materials. Once the denture problem is determined the treatment options will be discussed with you and in many cases the problem can be addressed immediately. Sometimes an adjustment is all that is required, on occasion simple relining or addition of material is adequate. At Parramatta and Cabramatta Dental Studios we will endeavour to improve the comfort and functionality of your existing denture. In some cases though only the construction of a new denture can improve the aesthetics, comfort and function.

It is important to remember to clean your teeth and dentures after every meal and to remove your denture at night to prevent conditions of the mouth such as fungal infections or gum inflammation. Your overall oral health is important to us and we will always ensure you have all the knowledge required to maintain your denture as well as the health of your mouth.

Please feel free to drop us an enquiry or call us to arrange an appointment for consultation. We can be reached on 9633 9835 or