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Family Dentists In Parramatta For Better Oral Health

Dentists Parramatta Caring for your Child’s Teeth

Baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth. They allow our children to eat and speak properly which is important in their growth and Dentists In Parramattadevelopment. Baby teeth especially those teeth at the back (molars) are also crucial in keeping the space for the un-erupted adult teeth. For these reasons it is important that parents and carer’s help children to look after their teeth until the child is old enough to look after their own teeth.


There are many aspects in caring for a child’s teeth and gums and many of these can be incorporated in normal daily routine. It includes providing your child with good nutritious foods whilst excluding or decreasing the amount of sugary or acidic foods and drinks that you allow your child to consume. Having a balanced diet combined with good oral hygiene practices can ensure that your child will always have good teeth from childhood through to adulthood.


Many people believe that “bad teeth” runs in the family and that if the carer has poor oral health then the child will inevitably have “bad teeth” too! This isn’t the case, there are many factors to be considered that influence the oral health of any child or any adult for that matter. We need to look at the types of food and drinks being consumed and when or how often these are consumed. It is also important to consider the tooth-brushing habits as well as whether the family regularly visits the dentist or not. These environmental and socio-economic factors can influence the oral health of your child and to some extent can be controlled by the parent or caregiver.



The routine is the same as looking after your own teeth. It is encouraged that once your child has teeth that you should start brushing for them Dentists Parramattawith a low fluoride toothpaste and a small soft bristled toothbrush. This should be done twice a day, once in the morning after breakfast and once in the evening after their last meal. When your child has started to develop more teeth you can also start flossing. Bring your child to see a dentists in parramatta for an examination or “introduction” appointment once they get their first teeth, this will familiarize the child with the dental team and the surgery environment. Sometimes an older sibling or the parent can be a good role model and the toddler can just watch a simple procedure or an examination being performed on someone that they know. It is always better for the child to experience a non-invasive appointment improving their acceptance of any potential treatment in the future.


Even with these preventative measures a child can still present with holes in their teeth or sore gums. These can be addressed by one of the friendly dentists Parramatta or dentists Cabramatta with just a simple phone call for an appointment.


What parents are commonly unaware of is that besides sugary drinks, milk can also be harmful to their child’s teeth especially if the child is being breastfed on demand or being put to bed with a bottle. In these cases the child’s teeth is being exposed to the sugars in the milk or drink constantly throughout the night which can cause dental decay also known as Early Childhood Caries. If this decay has gone unnoticed the child may develop a toothache or infection which can involve multiple areas of their mouth. The Parramatta dentists and the Cabramatta dentists will assess whether the tooth can be saved or whether we must remove the tooth early and consider other options to maintain the space.


Dentists, parents and those involved in the care of children need to work together to maintain good oral health in children. Prevention is always better than intervention.

By doing this we:

–        Prevent orthodontic problems such as crowding or malalignment of the teeth.

–        Malnutrition resulting in poor growth and development due to toothache or not being able to eat.

–        Any health habits developed now as a child will become an excellent foundation for habits in the future as an adult.


–        Encourage GOOD, ROUTINE oral hygiene habits

–        Brush twice daily with a soft toothbrush and a fluoridated toothpaste

–        Use floss as regularly as possible

–        Eat good, nutritious foods

–        Drink plenty of water at regular intervals throughout the day

–        Limit between meal snacking and sugary drinks

–        Visit our team at Parramatta Dental Studio and one of the friendly dentists will check your child’s teeth, clean and strengthen them with fluoride and discuss with you any concerns that you may have


This blog contains some general information about how to maintain your child’s teeth. For more in depth discussion or if you have any more specific questions please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation with you and your child. We can be contacted on 96339835 or 97264313.