Dental Implants for Parramatta and Cabramatta

Dental implants are a staple of good dentistry in Cabramatta and Parramatta, and for good reason. They are the method of choice for any client of ours looking to fill some gaps in their smile, regardless of their origins. They are an efficient method of regaining full functionality, as well as restoring a full and confident smile. But how do they work?

Any missing tooth can have its spot filled with a dental implant. Like a regular tooth, they are grounded in your jawbone: however, they require a screw in order to do so. Titanium screws are inserted through a slit in your gums, performed in a surgical procedure. Titanium is the ideal material for this purpose: its unique makeup allows the bone around it to ‘knit’ around the screw over a period of three to six months, allowing for a far stronger connection.

Once the screw has knit to the bone, the resulting mount is fitted with a prosthetic tooth. This tooth has been moulded to your situation, and coloured perfectly to the remainder of your teeth. Your once-empty socket is now a fully functional, strongly mounted tooth. Your smile is gap-free, and you can wear it with confidence throughout your daily life, and it was all done professionally, efficiently, and in comfort.

At Parra Dental, we know the value in confidence. If a gap in your smile is robbing you of some of yours, we can help you to get it back. We are the dental implant experts for Parramatta and Cabramatta, and we are ready to help you.

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