Dental Implants Infections: Keeping Things Healthy and Clean

Dental implants infections can be a common occurrence. These infections occur when proper care of a newly installed dental implant isn’t properly taken care of. To avoid dental implants infections, it’s important to maintain a healthy brushing routine, and to follow the below advice. Keep a look out for dental implants infections symptoms and speak to your dentist if you have any questions.

Once a dental implant is placed it becomes part of your mouth and is subject to all the same things that your natural teeth are subjected to. Food, drinks and medication or poor saliva flow can lead to plaque accumulation in our mouths. If not cleaned well this plaque can lead to dental implants infections symptoms like gingivitis, and in severe and chronic cases a condition called periodontitis or gum disease can develop. We must clean, floss and brush around dental implants in the same manner as our natural teeth.

– It is important to come in for a check-up and clean with the dentists at Parramatta Dental Studio and Cabramatta Dental Studio so we can check the health of the gums and bone of your teeth and also around the implant. After this assessment we will provide you with a professional scaling and prophylaxis as well as teach you how to maintain your oral health at home.

– For those who have medical problems such as diabetes or are chronic smokers, due care is needed to ensure that the dental implant gum and bone stays healthy. Sometimes, an inflammation around the dental implant can develop called peri-implantitis – meaning that the gums around the implant are infected and inflamed. This can be likened to gingivitis where people can commonly see it as bleeding gums when brushing.

– In prolonged or chronic cases this inflammation and infection results in the bone loss around the dental implant tooth which can lead to dental implants infections. It can be likened to the soil slowly eroding around the roots of a tree and exposing the trunk of the teeth. If this continues the tree is not supported and can tip. A dental implant will loosen if the bone support is insufficient.

– At Parramatta Dental Studio we always endeavour to plan all treatment to suit the individual’s needs. Our goal is to provide long lasting and efficient restorations and dental treatment and these types of complications will be discussed with you in length prior to provision of treatment. If we feel that dental implants are not the most suitable treatment modality for you, we will consider other options for the replacement of your missing teeth such as dentures or bridgework.

– Dental implants have become a great standard of care and a very routine dental treatment option. If proper care is kept, then there is minimal risk of dental implants infections or other complications. As always, keep a look out for dental implants infections symptoms and get in touch with us here at Parramatta Dental Studio.

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